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Pine64 Irc Chat Log:

<pfeerick> lol s001911 'minimal' is not a misnomer - its the minimal download and crap preinstalled variant... if you want minimal efforts you get the 'bloated' image instead... oh way, Armbian doesn't offer them... they offer desktop instead!
<pfeerick> lukaz: oh just try it anyway... you're trying clean pinebook images... you can take five minutes to let the script run and see if it breaks :-P All you need to do is run it, and if it does't break, does the desktop icon work ;)
<pfeerick> lukasz: and you're braver than me... I've played enough with de (desktop environments) in the past to know they're best left to someone who knows how to configure them... fighting with the graphics drivers, x11 configs, fbturbo, etc is not my idea of fun.
<s001911> how good are 2hr long 30min meetings
<s001911> pfeerick: mininimal in size and in usefulness
<pfeerick> s001911: so you also hate gentoo? :-P
<s001911> i'm apathetic about gentoo
<s001911> i tried to run it once or twice but i was stuck with the great "well now what" when i got it up
<pfeerick> lol... fair enough, because it is in the same boat as minimal. the idea being it gets you started, and *you* choose what goes on, not somebody else ;)
<pfeerick> and that was my reaction also... I've never really been into spending hours *getting it right*... I want my OS to be pretty and nice, and I want it now!
<s001911> i wanted bleeding edge so i installed arch
<s001911> additionally, one of the best linux docs online happens to be the arch docs
<s001911> so there's that too
<pfeerick> oh you sucker for punishment! And yes, i keep bumping into their docs... it seems like they have worked out (unlike some other groups) that if you let the community edit a wiki, then it builds itself... more heads better than one and all that jazz
<pfeerick> you gotta *love* the china -> australia postal system... some PIC microchips I ordered from eBay back in february have just arrived. But the parcel is postmarked 17 of feb... so where has it been the past 3 months... doing a world round trip?
<abnomal> nah, snoopers of secrets
<s001911> even the parcels are scared of our native flora and fauna
<abnomal> they prolly unpackaged it and took pics, meas, and info off of it... then repacked it and forwarded it to some lab then to you
<pfeerick> lol... I don't think our native flora and fauna would think much of a lowly PIC microchip... too much plastic, metal and silicone to be that tasty :-P And hey, ASIO are welcome to snoop... I hadn't loaded my TopSecret ASM Blinky program onto it yet
<pfeerick> oh, oh, I've said it now :-O
<s001911> careful, ASIO will push some pencils in your general direction
<abnomal> lol
<abnomal> OOPS
<abnomal> lol
<pfeerick> Yup, you heard it here folks... a top secret assembly led blinky program! :-P If that gets ASIO interested... makes you wonder if they are actually doing anything productive... or just sucking up more taxpaper money making them selves look useful like half the other gov. departments
<abnomal> lol
<abnomal> thank you for the info....
<s001911> you will notice that ASIO do such important things like take taxpayers money and program scrolly text loops in bash to make it look like they're working
<pfeerick> yup. Like the government departments that charge the people who pay them fees to actually provide the service they are paid for. And claim that the sending out of notification letters of payment due for registrations is only a courtesy... not a requirement.
<pfeerick> Although they will happily turn around and fine you if you then end up doing something without that registration which is then illegal.
<pfeerick> Oh, lukasz, let me know if this script (you'll need to run it manually for now to test) fixes the wifi from suspend issues you've been having. Want to find out if network-manager needs to be restarted, or if the problem is only in the applet. Has been working ok for me on 0.5.2 and 0.5.3.
<s001911> funfact, all you need is a credit card and a mailing address to import a fully battle-ready, sharpened sword
<s001911> you can even leave it laying around your house
<s001911> but DO NOT take it outside, that's jail time
<pfeerick> lol... damn! Where do I sign up?
<pfeerick> Oh wait, can I just print one? :-P I have two printers... should be able to whip up something quick enough...
<s001911> heres how to get one:
<pfeerick> lol... you missed two words... "in Australia" :-P
<s001911> do i have to chew the food for you as well?
<s001911> and feed it to you like a baby bird
<pfeerick> will you tuck me into bed at night too?
<s001911> only if i get to kiss you goodnight
<pfeerick> sorry, deal breaker
<pfeerick> hm... this one looks good for dealing with officious govmt types :
<pfeerick> no wonder it's discontinued :-D :-D
<s001911> i'm at work, i sure as hell am not opening a shortened link from a random on the internet