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#Pine64 Irc Chat Log:

<stanley9000> I'm logged in, but there are no comments and my screen is blank?
<lennyraposo> can some check for me if they can access
<lennyraposo> configured a new loadbalancer and wanted to make sure it is indeed working from the outside world
<Debbie> ConnectionError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: / (Caused by NewConnectionError(': Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 110] Connection timed out',)) (file "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/requests/", line 437, in send)
<lennyraposo> how about now
<Debbie> [ Welcome | Pine 64 Pro ] -
<lennyraposo> awesome
<Debbie> [ Star Trek Universe RPG - Coming Soon! ] -
<Debbie> [ Coming Soon | Druid Academy Of Irish Dancers ] -
<pfeerick> he he, and I can also manually access it lennyraposo ;)
<lennyraposo> you got to the page?
<lennyraposo> or pages?
<lennyraposo> so now for setting up the irc virtual server
<lennyraposo> dual core
<lennyraposo> 1gb ram
<lennyraposo> and 20gb storage should be enough right?
<fire219> yea that'll be plenty
<lennyraposo> i'll name it piccolo
<lennyraposo> :)
<pfeerick> he he... yeah... unless you're logging for the next century or three ;)
<fire219> i was actually just trying to figure out what to name it
<fire219> considering the existing nodes are just called UK and US (guess why, lol)
<pfeerick> pizilla ;)
<pfeerick> s/pizilla/pinezilla/
<Debbie> pfeerick meant to say: pinezilla ;)
<lennyraposo> just about done
<lennyraposo> internally it's called piccolo
<lennyraposo> whomever runs the domain
<pfeerick> ;)
<lennyraposo> can setup the subdomain (host)
<lennyraposo> ubuntu is installing
<lennyraposo> 1gb ram
<lennyraposo> 20gb hd
<lennyraposo> 18 gb root and 2gb swap
<lennyraposo> should be finished in the next 5 minutes
<lennyraposo> and I will setup a port to connect to ;)
<lennyraposo> or whatever ubuntu defaults
<lennyraposo> what ports do you need opened up?
<pfeerick> fire219, I think that's you cue ;)
<fire219> oh, i had walked away
<fire219> IRC needs 6667 and 6697
<fire219> other than that i just need whatever port you want to throw SSH on
<fire219> shouldn't need port 80 or anything like that
<lennyraposo> just tcp and no UDP correct?
<lennyraposo> for the irc ports
<lennyraposo> hey fire219
<lennyraposo> did you get my messages?
<rookieone> good morning
<cannafodder> this thing amazes me a little more every day
<ordex> hehe
<ordex> caveat: what software is that ?
<ordex> the audio thing i mean
<ordex> it is not audacious, no?
<lennyraposo> ardour
<ordex> I meant audacity btw
<ordex> oh ok thanks
<lennyraposo> cannafodder
<lennyraposo> are you a musician?
<lennyraposo> nm
<lennyraposo> he's out
<pfeerick> oh, lennyraposo, btw, I'm pretty sure you'll only need TCP on 6667/6697 ;)
<pfeerick> and cannafodder, lennyrapso asked if you were a musician whilst you bugged out ;)
<cannafodder> ahh, well then, lennyraposo ... i pretend to be :) guitar keyboard harmonica
<cannafodder> and lmms :)
<cannafodder> thnks pfeerick
<cannafodder> you see what i said ealier about Debbie's echo?
<lennyraposo> I know
<lennyraposo> was checking if udp was involved in the mix
<lennyraposo> which it isn't
<lennyraposo> ;)
<lennyraposo> I'm former session guitar player
<lennyraposo> t'was fun in my younger days
<pfeerick> cannafodder, where you were moaning about her tripping up when you were giving questionable links as usual? :-P
<cannafodder> ! should tell it to echo with not echo as default, we should control the bots not the bot control us, Elon Musk is shaking his fist at you, Stephen Hawking is trying to, but can't.
<cannafodder> AI gonna kill us all!
<pfeerick> lol... it's to early to tall if it will be that or you crazy 'merican's with all your guns and missiles :-P
<lennyraposo> it will be the yanks that will create the AI
<lennyraposo> to run all their guns and missiles
<lennyraposo> then it will eventually turn on em ;)
<lennyraposo> and the world
<lennyraposo> sort of like SkyNet ;)
<lennyraposo> or AI gets built on a Windows platform
<Xalius> moin
<lennyraposo> and a fatal exception error occurs
<lennyraposo> and poof it all goes to hell
<lennyraposo> you can't turn over weapons to an AI to manage
<lennyraposo> you will need the human element to have the final say
<cannafodder> not if there aren't any humans left haha
<cannafodder> ha
<cannafodder> hahahaha
<cannafodder> mwahahaahhaahahahahahahaha
<cannafodder> night
<pfeerick> he he ... nice one lennyraposo ;)
<pfeerick> it'll be the yank AI weapons ;D
<lennyraposo> maybe the windows run scenario would be an interesting one
<lennyraposo> what happens when it gets hitwith ransomeware
<lennyraposo> soem schmuck god knows where wants you to pay 500 with your credit card to have the crap removed
<lennyraposo> someone who claims to be from MS in India
<maya> hellos
<CuddlyTeddy> howdy maya
<maya> how goes?
<CuddlyTeddy> upset it's Monday
<maya> is what it is
<pfeerick> It's Monday night for, so get over it :-P
<maya> well for some us it’s just getting started :P
<maya> at least I have coffee and granola
<pfeerick> lennyraposo, ah yes, the infamous 'We've detected a problem with your computer... would you like us to fix it for you?' phone call (said with a heavy Indian accent)... I just tell them I don't have a left click, where is the 'any key', and the apple logo on my PC keeps glowing ;)
<maya> fun times
<maya> I’d say I was surprised that works, but I’m not surprised - “we’ve found a problem …"
<pfeerick> oh, don't worry... I've had the good one... "This is Telstra (what used to be our national government owned phone company but is now private) ringing up to tell you that there is a virus on your computer, and we're going to have to cut your connection if isn't fixed" phone call... and when it is not so subtle pointed out to them they are not the provider (although they are the wholesaler in our
<pfeerick> case) they go... "oh, we know that,
<pfeerick> it's still affecting our network".... meh!
<lennyraposo> lol
<lennyraposo> think I will be making a kickstarter for a game I have been developing
<lennyraposo> webgl based
<lennyraposo> ;)
<lennyraposo> so cross platform
<lennyraposo> lol
<lennyraposo> could even design it to work with game controllers
<pfeerick> nice ;) and pinebook compatible, naturally? :-P
<pfeerick> I won't ask this, because I know everyone loves to bag systemd... but really... it has to kill the networking BEFORE it ends any active SSH sessions? the cheek of it!
<pfeerick> was wondering the minimal images always lock up the SSH terminal when you power the box down... turns you you need to install libpam-systemd and dbus to cure them of that ailment :-/
<lennyraposo> hoping it can run
<pfeerick> ... would be nice... but I think the gl stuff pushes chrome a bit on the pinebook as it is ... flicking all the time and such... but it works well enough for all the general stuff ;)
<pfeerick> ACTION will be biab
<lennyraposo> ;)
<lennyraposo> gotta use large textures
<lennyraposo> a fully simulated galaxy ;)
<CuddlyTeddy> omg who added those badges to the forum - they look terrible
<Xalius> it looks like something went wrong
<JannF> marcushh777: did really get your last messages on sunday :O
<JannF> *didn't
<phx> hello
<phx> regarding the upcoming rock64, may I ask how similar its booting will be to the pine64? like will images built for the pine64 work with the rock64 as well?
<phx> oh, i should head to rock64, thanks
<Pepe> lennyraposo: it looks really good! :) Hopefully it will be on Steam, too! :P Ofc with achievements, cards and so on
<shadeslayer> lennyraposo: what's the purpose of that sti interface?
<shadeslayer> in the armsoc driver
<pfeerick> CuddlyTeddy, yeah, they don't look so good as they are... perhaps with a bit more padding, and replacing the group name it would have been ok. To be honest, I actually would have preferred just adding more user groups and use the existing display...
<CuddlyTeddy> yeah I agree, and also make the backgrounds transparent so it blends in
<pfeerick> he he... would this have been better? =>
<lukasz> howdy :)
<maya> hey lukasz
<lukasz> something wrong with my internet today :/
<pfeerick> hey lukaz ;) So you've being enjoying Tux racer then? :-P
<pfeerick> *been
<lukasz> pfeerick: I put together a proper retroarch img :P tweaked all the emulators and stuff :D and I even checked I properly archived it this time ;)
<lukasz> :)
<lukasz> will post it later
<lukasz> pfeerick: I see that Pineadmin didnt choose your suggested badges for the forums - pity :(
<lukasz> the ones he implemented dont look right to me
<pfeerick> I might have to look at it... it sounds interesting ;) Make sure you use pzx to squish the bugger... gives you the best compression... just don't expect your computer to be too usable whilst its busy squashing the file ;)
<lukasz> its in xz
<lukasz> also uncompresses to 16gb
<lukasz> because that was the size of the SD card
<lukasz> anyone with a spare pine doing nothing want to try it out ? :P
<pfeerick> pine64 or pinebook?
<lukasz> Pine64
<pfeerick> nice... I'll set the download off tonight and see what its like in the morning ;)
<lukasz> :(
<pfeerick> tonight is now ;) ... so it'll be starting in about 45 minutes which is when I will be going to sleep :-P
<lukasz> neat :)
<pfeerick> yeah, scheduled downloads due to crappy internet and not wanting to make it unusable for the rest of the family ;) so overnight in slow mode for some of the images...
<pfeerick> and actually, those were the badges I suggested... they just look cluttered as things are atm
<lukasz> oh
<pfeerick> :(
<lukasz> I thought yours had a grey background ?
<lukasz> yea
<lukasz> ok
<lukasz> they look too large too
<pfeerick> grey backround is part of the picture, not the actual badges
<lukasz> do excuse my poor memory ;)
<pfeerick> yeah, they do look larger (don't worry, I had to go back and check the post also... ;) ) I learnt long ago to let the forums / bookmarks / diary remember stuff for me... because I won't
<pfeerick> anyway, time to go lose a few rounds of titanfall 2 and then dream of sheep ;)
<lukasz> go kick some ass :)
<CuddlyTeddy> hey lukaszzzzz
<shadeslayer> ayufan1: < does that flashing look correct?
<lukasz> CuddlyTeddy: :)
<lukasz> shadeslayer: hey :)
<shadeslayer> hey lukasz :)
<lukasz> good application of mali on the Pine64 :P
<shadeslayer> heh
<lukasz> kryptalivian: :)
<lukasz> got my PM ?
<kryptalivia> I've not. Had a big pine tree snap and take out my power lines at home lol. PM via forum?
<lukasz> oh wow. yes
<kryptalivia> I'll take a look now :)
<lukasz> I wonder how much of the mate desktop I actually need to run this
<lukasz> Just the window manager ?
<kryptalivia> wow you've been busy! Great job on the image! Makes things alot easier and less time consuuming
<kryptalivia> you just need basic command line, not a gui I would think
<lukasz> nah, you do need GUI
<lukasz> sadly
<lukasz> tried and tested
<lukasz> I hoped to just launch retroarch from CLI
<lukasz> but nope
<shadeslayer> lukasz: do you know what gets read by the pinebook bootloader?
<lukasz> so I think it needs a window manager
<shadeslayer> what files etc
<lukasz> shadeslayer: I barely know what a bootloader is ;)
<shadeslayer> I have a single partition setup with /boot on a ext4 partition
<shadeslayer> heh
<shadeslayer> I can't quite figure out what to modify from the defaults so that the pinebook loads the kernel from the ext4 partition
<lukasz> You probably would like to ask ayufan1, maya or Xalius about that
<lukasz> unless longsleep is around ?
<lukasz> maya shadeslayer asked about loading kenrel from ext4 parition - any ideas ? :)
<maya> doesn’t armbian do that already
<maya> ?
<maya> not familiar enough with the boot process to answer that in depth unfortunately
<shadeslayer> well, I'm not sure what's different for the pinebook
<maya> hrm
<shadeslayer> and I have no serial capabilities yet
<maya> ahh so can’t peak at the console?
<shadeslayer> nope :(
<maya> :(
<shadeslayer> I need to shimmy up a setup
<maya> ACTION wonders where her PB is ...
<maya> have you tried the armbian PB build?
<ayufan1> lukasz: how good is retroarch?
<maya> lukasz: also, will need to meet up at some point to try your new spec pb-keyboard to see how it compares
<CuddlyTeddy> don't do it, it's a trap!
<maya> CuddlyTeddy: you’re just jealous.
<maya> and you live in like berkshire or something
<CuddlyTeddy> Hampshire!
<maya> better
<maya> still
<Tanveer> ayufan, cd dir
<lukasz> ayufan1: with a lot of tweaking - very good for SNES / Megadrive and Mame Final Burn Alpha
<lukasz> maya: sure. You like kids right ? :P
<maya> in small doses ...
<lukasz> XD
<lukasz> joke. Yea sure lets meet :)
<CuddlyTeddy> what, wheres my invite :o
<lukasz> and Dave OFC !
<lukasz> just need a bit of a heads up
<maya> well I hvaen’t received my PB yet so nothing imminent
<lukasz> ayufan1: what do you think is needed to run retoarch ? - do you think that windows manager is enough or more of the desktop ?
<lukasz> I think a way of finding out is chipping away stuff until it stops working :P
<Prophesi> oh snap, retroarch is happening?
<lukasz> Prophesi: it happened :)
<Prophesi> For what device? :o pinebook?
<lukasz> yea runs on the PB too
<Prophesi> "I have so far tested: Megadrive, SNES, FBA - all work great and run at full speed. "
<Prophesi> oh heck yes :D
<Prophesi> I know what I'mma use my second a64+ for
<lukasz> :)
<lukasz> perhaps you'll be able to help me put together a more proper image :)
<lukasz> this was a proof of concept :)
<Tanveer> ayufan1: hi
<Tanveer> ayufan1: My Pine64+ 1G device is working fine with android-ver6.0.1-lcd-version-20170209-pine64-8GB.img
<Prophesi> I'll give it a shot, lukasz :p
<Tanveer> ayufan1: Same device is showing white LCD only by using img built from source code at
<Tanveer> ayufan1: please guide me what build parameters/settings required for LCD and Pine64+ 1G?
<Tanveer> ayufan1: i also did not found "chiphd_lcd1000 folder" having lcd configuraiton which once you told me
<ayufan1> ,jas
<ayufan1> lukasz: how to compile retroarch, do we have to do thi?
<lukasz> ayufan1: I installed it from ppa like so
<lukasz> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libretro/testing
<lukasz> sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install retroarch* libretro*
<lukasz> but you need to do a lot of tweaking to get it into a workable shape
<ayufan1> can we push config somehow?
<lukasz> perhaps ?
<lukasz> let me see where the config is
<lukasz> I can share it with you
<lukasz> Yea, will give you the config in a bit - I know where it is
<lukasz> the real question is - how much of the mate desktop can you remove and still have retroarch working
<lukasz> I have already removed a lot, including the window manager, and it still works
<lukasz> but it doesnt launch from CLI without desktop
<lukasz> I already tried
<ayufan1> I mean we can workaround that
<ayufan1> I still expect people to use Mate and switch to it
<ayufan1> Maybe shipping that on top of i3 is a way to go?
<ayufan1> Lets consider light gaming on pinebook :slightly_smiling_face:
<lukasz> ayufan1: the problem is taht desktop seems to have a huge effect on how well Retroarch runs
<lukasz> I removed most of the desktop and now it runs very very well
<shadeslayer> ayufan1: can you have a look if this looks correct
<shadeslayer> for the pb
<sarav_sara> Hi pine guys..
<lukasz> hi
<sarav_sara> hi lukas..i need help on converting pigpio for pine64.
<ayufan1> lukasz: it is configurable I believe ;)
<sarav_sara> pls help me on this
<ayufan1> looks ok
<lukasz> sarav_sara: not the right person to ask - ping marcushh777
<lukasz> ayufan1: what is configurable ? :)
<lukasz> to run from CLI ?
<shadeslayer> ayufan1: hm, ok, then has to be my uEnv.txt or boot.cmd
<ayufan1> lukasz: how to run it :slightly_smiling_face:
<sarav_sara> is pine64 gpio and raspberry pi gpio are same
<lukasz> ayufan1: these are the settings I found to work the best
<shadeslayer> ayufan1: something is wrong with uboot
<shadeslayer> ayufan1: If I use the uboot from armbian it works
<shadeslayer> but using the boot0 and uboot from the boot folder in your linux release doesn't
<shadeslayer> ( It shows my custom bootlogo with the former and a empty screen with the latter )
<ayufan1> empty screen is expected unfortunatelly
<ayufan1> see if it boots
<shadeslayer> well, like I said, it doesn't show empty screen with the armbian one?
<ayufan1> it is problem of atf which is different in order to show u-boot displays
<shadeslayer> but .. the image you released
<shadeslayer> that shows the bootlogo?
<shadeslayer> ayufan: can you point me to what needs flashing to get the bootloader up?
<lukasz> shadeslayer: are you registered on teh forum ?
<shadeslayer> I think so
<lukasz> never use it however ?
<shadeslayer> yeah
<lukasz> ok
<maya> the forum can be tricky sometimes
<maya> information is easily lost and the search engine can’t always find what you’re looking for
<shadeslayer> yeah
<shadeslayer> wiki's ftw
<shadeslayer> at the moment i'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong bootloader
<shadeslayer> because the bootloader from armbian works ( till a certain point ) as expected
<shadeslayer> I think I'll flash the bootloader for the pineboard later and use serial there to debug
<shadeslayer> which would probably confirm my suspicion
<kryptalivia> lukasz: dreamcast work?
<lukasz> kryptalivian: I highly doubt that but didnt check
<lukasz> does anyone know if this is cannafodder on the forum ?
<kryptalivia> lukasz: not sure. Who is cannafodder lol
<rookieone> howdy all
<kryptalivia> hello rookieone
<rookieone> anyone else having problems with ubuntu mate not getting ip anymore on pinebook?
<rookieone> seems like dhcp problem..
<rookieone> well eh havr to investigate further |-)
<ordex> rookieone: via wifi or eth? (Assuming the pinebook has eth :P)
<JannF> rookieone: can you look into the adapter using wireshark?
<JannF> a small pcap with dhcp 4way ahndshake would be cool
<rookieone> wifi
<rookieone> yeah i need to capture |-) but if i manually run dhclient from terminal indo get an ip
<rookieone> but somehow get dropped within minutes
<rookieone> same if i connect to wifi hotspot on mobile
<kryptalivia> rookieone: Mine doesn't like to connect always. I have to restart the router
<kryptalivia> I have an odd setup which may be the issue and the fact I haven't done an update
<lennyraposo> howdy all
<rookieone> hiya lennyraposo
<Xalius> moin
<lennyraposo> how is everyoen doing today?
<fire219> doin' alright
<fire219> so i assume piccolo server is waiting on me at this point? :P
<lennyraposo> piccolo is waiting on you ;)
<lennyraposo> you have the credentials correct?
<fire219> i do not believe so. i was probably asleep at that point and ZNC may have caught them
<lennyraposo> check pm
<Pepe> Hi
<lukasz> afternoon :)
<lennyraposo> in latest news I have decided to start up a kickstarter in september
<lennyraposo> mainly for a game I have been developing
<Nunika> does anyone know why is the shippment date for Pine64 changed from 21.7 to 28.7 ?
<lennyraposo> could be a customs thing
<Nunika> is it postponed or there is new batch every week ?
<Xalius> probably -ETOOMUCHWORK
<lennyraposo> or a production run issue
<lennyraposo> too much work
<Xalius> afaik there is a Pinebook batch being shipped and first Rock64 are rolling off the assmebly line
<Nunika> tnx
<Xalius> if you wait for tllim he can probably tell you more :)
<ordex> -ETOOMUCHWORK lol
<ordex> -ECRAP
<Xalius> I need more coffee
<Nunika> no, problem, just worried
<Nunika> no problem, just worried
<Nunika> more coffee, more code
<fire219> real champions run on DP
<fire219> ...Dr. Pepper that is ;)
<CuddlyTeddy> Lukasz will agree that it's Pepsi Max
<Nunika> tastes differ, result is the same
<Xalius> only replacement for coffee is CM :)
<malfunction> Yo everyone. Anyone here ever do any Rust or SPARK programming??
<kryptalivia> lennyraposo: what is your kickstarter going ot be?
<tllim> @lenny, for game, Apple and Android store is a good approach
<kryptalivia> lennyraposo: missed the line you that explained what your kickstarting. Can't wait to see the kickstarter page :)
<lennyraposo> but it won't be treak ;)
<lennyraposo> TREK*
<tllim> I am Star Trek fans :-)
<tllim> TNG
<lukasz> hi tllim
<lukasz> hey lennyraposo
<lukasz> :)
<Xalius> hi
<lennyraposo> this game should hopefulyl be playable on the pinebook
<tllim> hi lukasz
<kryptalivia> That would be awesome!
<tllim> @lenny, awesome
<lennyraposo> need to probably fint tune poly count for most models
<lennyraposo> fine*
<lennyraposo> it's a trade/research and conquer game
<lennyraposo> where you can build alliances to take control of planets
<lennyraposo> plus space warefare
<tllim> from shape, looks like your ship is NCC-1701-D
<lennyraposo> it is
<tllim> :-)
<lukasz> you know your StartTrek :)
<tllim> watch almost every episode
<lukasz> same - a long time ago ;)
<tllim> Article always says ROCK64 is Pi killer, I always liek to tone down
<tllim> Pi is at Alpha Quadrant
<lukasz> yes ... its a stupid tone to take
<lukasz> but I think thats what catches peoples attention
<tllim> ROCK64 plan to explore on Delta Quadrant, where is new area to advanture.
<lukasz> but at the same time it irritates a lot of people in the boarder community
<lukasz> haha
<tllim> ROCK64 has more wrap speed
<tllim> warp speed
<lukasz> :))
<Xalius> :)
<Xalius> tbh, most boards that mimic the formfactor exactly get press like that
<CuddlyTeddy> Who broke IRC?
<fire219> i am working on irc, but nothing that should have broken anything
<tkaiser> Xalius: Banana Pi M2 Berry being the exception soon ;)
<CuddlyTeddy> Seems like the new node doesn't support SSL
<CuddlyTeddy> remind me again why we need 3 nodes for <100 users?
<CuddlyTeddy> Closing link: Rejected link without SSL/TLS -[]
<fire219> wait... it automatically connected you to the new node?
<CuddlyTeddy> yup weechat is spazzing out
<lukasz> please dont break stuff XD
<fire219> yea the new node has SSL turned off because i don't have valid certs for it atm
<lukasz> and yes, 3 nodes ? - thinking of redundency or ?
<fire219> lenny offered, and i saw no reason not to take him up on it
<fire219> and yea, redundancy
<lukasz> please reconsider
<CuddlyTeddy> the only outage we've had so far is because we've had 2 nodes and netsplits - not sure how a 3rd is going to help that
<fire219> i'm just confused atm how it's pushing you to that node. it's not even in the DNS entry for (unless krux did that without responding to me...)
<fire219> and it is not even connected to the network yet (what i am trouble shooting)
<CuddlyTeddy> i think it's just ircop notices spamming the f**k out of me
<CuddlyTeddy> to the point it's not usable
<fire219> oh shit i did not see that in the server window
<fire219> linked, no more errors :)
<lukasz> :)
<fire219> there will be a little more work to do once i can get SSL active on it, but for now it's good
<CuddlyTeddy> boo
<CuddlyTeddy> .
<CuddlyTeddy> .
<CuddlyTeddy> .
<CuddlyTeddy> wooho
<TheWoofies> I forgot everything about info not
<TheWoofies> Bot. Stupid auto correct
<TheWoofies> Autocorrect auto corrected when I said auto correct.
<fire219> no one makes a small ascii US flag...
<fire219> well, except for one liners :P
<CuddlyTeddy> .
<CuddlyTeddy> ascii art rocks
<fire219> alright the pretty ascii art on the motd of all 3 servers has been pushed
<CuddlyTeddy> .
<lennyraposo> are you guys able to see that?
<lennyraposo> nm
<fire219> i see a default placeholder page
<lennyraposo> kewl
<lennyraposo> gonna add my dev there
<lennyraposo> also submitting a teaser over at